Shotoku Shuzo (Yuzu-Likör)

(Fushimi, Kyoto)

Junmai Sake The ideal sake for meals.

Shoutoku Shuzo has long considered that “the true form of Junmai Sake is made from rice and rice koji,” thus decided to revive Junmai sake brewing since 1970's. Since then, we have come together with other sake breweries to establish the Junsui Nihonshu Kyokai to spread the awareness of Junmai Sake .
Our sake has the “umami” of rice with a gentle taste that enhances the flavor and taste of Kyoto's cuisines and its ingredients. We will continue to pursue the rich taste of Junmai sake while nurturing the food culture and traditions of Kyoto. 

Sake von Shotoku-Shuzo

Kyoto Yuzu-Likör Junmai

Schöne Säure, moderater Alkohol (7% vol.), erfrischendes Yuzu-Aroma, perfekt für Apritif, auch zum Nachtisch. 
Geeignet als Mischgetränk-Partner mit Bier oder Sekt! 

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